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AKANNA Entertainment began as an idea, a desire, and a dream to create a place where ‘creative spirits’ of all ages, at different degrees of their musicianship could come together and collaborate, learning from each other!.

For Petrina Bishop, creator of AKANNA Entertainment, everyone has ‘something unique’ within them to offer, and everyone has a yearning, to find that place in the world, where they can share that ‘something unique’ with all, allowing the voice within them to be heard. AKANNA Entertainment is just that place!  

At AKANNA Entertainment we go beyond the notes on the page! We go to a place where self-expression through music and conversation flourishes, confidence builds, and personal and musical development soars.  

*AKANNA – was a Greek goddess. She was the inventor of music, a warrior and held the perfect balance of femininity and strength within.


Petrina Bishop’s life has been entrenched in the performing arts industry for over 4 decades.

With an Italian grandfather who was a professional operatic tenor, and a mother who was a classically trained soprano and pianist, it was inevitable that Petrina was going to follow in the “Tuscan Lucca’ tradition. Spending the first two and half decades on stage, performing on the great stages throughout Australia, working with the greatest musicians, while studying under the best vocal coaches this country has on offer, Petrina learnt the industry from the ground up.

With this knowledge and experience gained, fuelled by passion and determination, it opened her up to the opportunity to take the next step, allowing her to discover her other creative abilities, engaging them in other areas of this exciting industry. Petrina had a wanting to give back to the industry that had given her so much!

Petrina started teaching individual classical vocal lessons covering all genres and offering to all ages. It wasn’t long before it grew into ensemble workshops as well. With so much talent discovered and encouraged within this platform it enabled her to create performance opportunities for these wonderful students through corporate professional bookings.
Petrina then created – AKANNA – singing female trio.
Three young ladies that Petrina had been training for a period were showing exceptional talent. Due to this natural talent, their discipline and desire to have a career within the industry Petrina wanted to give them every opportunity available. So, rehearsals began and within 12 months regular bookings were occurring. Performances brought standing ovations. AKANNA still continues today. Different vocalists, continue to pass through its door, each going on to pursue excellence within the industry. AKANNA was and remains an idea that AKANNA Entertainment was born and built on.  

With confidence growing Petrina then started producing on a larger scale, initiating her writing, and directing skills she contracted professional performers, booking venues at her own risk, and promoting her own ‘AKANNA Entertainment presents’ shows which, with humble beginnings, continues to have a growing audience following.

Today, under the AKANNA Entertainment umbrella many things are offered!  A music school, talent agency, producing division where Petrina still remains the creative driving force, writing and directing all while continuing to perform at Downstairs at the Maj! and other major venues on a regular basis.    

Petrina continues, when time allows, to look back and reflect on the small part she has contributed to the industry, and the ‘creative spirits’ she has encouraged along the way with pride! It is what carries her today, tomorrow and into the future. It will allow for the next step to be taken. The next goal to be achieved. The bigger dream to become real - Carpe Diem.